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Investment fraud

Investors Recover $1.5 Million In Pyramid Payphone Scheme

Type of Action: Investment losses
Injuries Alleged: $2 million in investment losses
Name of Case: Confidential
Court/County: Confidential
Case No.: Confidential
Tried Before: Mediation
Name of Judge: n/a
Special Damages: $2 million
Verdict/Settlement: Mediation award
Amount: $1,500,000
Award Date: June 2004
Demand: n/a
Offer: n/a
Experts: n/a
Insurer: Confidential
Plaintiff's attorneys: George Francisco, Winston-Salem Person Submitting: George Francisco

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Investors Recover $81,500 On Claims Securities

Investors Recover $81,500 On Claims Securities – Sale Of Unregistered Securities – Limitations, “Seller” Issues – Jury Verdict – $81,500 Post-Judgment Settlement

Type of Action: Sale of unregistered securities
Injuries Alleged: Investment losses
Name of Case: Campbell and Riley v. Russell
Court/County: Yadkin
Case No.: 2002 CvS 599
Tried Before: Jury (case settled post-judgment)
Name of Judge: Charles Lamm Jr.
Special Damages: N/A
Verdict/Settlement: Settlement
Amount: $81,500
Verdict Date: Feb. 19, 2004
Demand: $90,000
Offer: $0
Experts: None
Insurer: None
Plaintiff’s attorneys: George Francisco, Winston Salem
Person Submitting: George Francisco

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